Our Founder

My family came to Australia when I was 11 years old. We came from ex-Yugoslavia, Sarajevo now Bosnia and Herzegovina was the place I called home for 11 years.

My passion and purpose for people started with the continuous actions of my parents to strive for the best, whether that meant getting a job at 14 and 9 months or excelling academically.

My interest in law came from my father, as a young girl I heard whispers that he started to study law but didn’t finish due to being conscripted to the army. As all good kids I was interested in what couldn’t be. It also seemed logical to dream to help people using the tools of the law considering the history of injustice placed upon my people.

High school was fairly normal until year ten, prior to that I worked as a waitress at the airport during the Sydney Olympics. When I was not spilling coffee on patrons I had the privilege to meet a couple of gold medal winners. The savings from that trip was used to fund a ticket to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina for the first time since leaving. This trip forced me to face a different reality, to face the pain of what we went through and to connect again with a different side of myself that had been suppressed. The trip came with its emotional challenges and as a teen it left a dark cloud over me that didn’t resolve itself in time for my HSC, my marks suffered as a result. Being a lawyer became a question mark. Without consultation or opinions, I decided I was going to get into whatever I could wherever I could and was fully prepared to do a Bachelors of any sort to later do a Bachelor of Law. Finally, the proud day of admission came in November of 2010 where I was admitted to the Supreme Court as a Solicitor.

After hundreds and hundreds of emails and cover letters I was offered a Graduate Solicitor role in a small city firm. I quickly found that I didn’t enjoy the role and was ecstatic when I was offered a position as a Graduate Solicitor at Fragomen in 2011, a leading immigration law firm specialising only and solely in corporate immigration. Staying with the firm for over 5 years I acted for top tiered global clients most of who are top 100 ASX companies. After that my roots lead me back to Bosnia where I spent almost a year travelling and enjoying the company of wonderful people from all walks of life. Most recently in 2017 I joined a US Immigration business working with wonderful colleagues and clients on both US visas and continuing my work in corporate Australian immigration. Working on US visas was a great learning experience where I was able to draw on many parallels with the Australian immigration system.

Rocket and Ash Immigration Law was launched with a vision to do things differently. Our vision for Rocket and Ash is to help business solve their staffing challenges and thereby help them grow their business through talent from across the world. We aim to humanise the legal profession where business’ and individuals alike will enjoy working with us.  We are passionate in providing only the best level of service to all clients and to working with clients whom we have synergy with. We aim to help each business grow their profit lines by giving foreign nationals hungry to work a chance to a different life in this wonderful country. I strive to work with your business to understand your challenges and ensure you get the level of support you require all the while ensuring you enjoy the process of working with me and our wonderful team.

Ines Jusufspahic

Principal Solicitor at Rocket and Ash

MARN: 1276688