How Long Does It Take to Get PR After 820 Visa?

updated on 07 May 2024

Embarking on the path to securing permanent residency (PR) in Australia after being granted a Temporary Partner Visa (Subclass 820) opens up opportunities for long-term settlement and stability for many couples each year. Having a clear understanding of the timeline and expectations during the transition from a temporary to a permanent visa is vital for applicants as they navigate the pathway to permanent residency. Rocket & Ash Immigration Law specialises in guiding couples through this journey, ensuring clarity and preparedness at every stage. This article delves into the timeline for obtaining PR after holding a Subclass 820 visa and the specific ways in which Rocket & Ash can support you through this transition.

Transitioning from Subclass 820 to Permanent Residency (Subclass 801)

Transitioning from a temporary partner visa (Subclass 820) to a permanent partner visa (Subclass 801) is a crucial and foundational aspect of Australia's partner visa program, facilitating long-term settlement for eligible individuals. This pathway enables individuals who are in a genuine and ongoing relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen to secure permanent residency in Australia.

Key Steps in the Process:

  • Eligibility for Subclass 801 Application: Applicants must meet specific criteria to apply for the Subclass 801 visa, including holding a Subclass 820 visa and consistently meeting all relationship requirements. Moreover, a mandatory two-year waiting period is required from the date of the initial Subclass 820/801 application submission before the permanent visa assessment can take place.
  • Application Submission: Although a combined application is submitted for both the Subclass 820 and 801 visas, the assessment for the Subclass 801 visa commences only after the two-year waiting period. 
  • Documentation and Evidence: Applicants will need to provide additional documents and evidence to prove that the relationship is ongoing and genuine at the time of the Subclass 801 visa assessment.

Typical Timeframe for Obtaining PR After a Subclass 820 Visa

Individual circumstances and the fluctuating processing times of the Department of Home Affairs have an impact on the timeframe for switching from a Subclass 820 to a Subclass 801 visa. However, the general pathway involves:

  1. Two-Year Waiting Period: After holding the Subclass 820 visa for two years, the Department of Home Affairs will start assessing eligibility for the Subclass 801 visa.
  2. Processing Time: The processing time for the Subclass 801 visa can vary. As of April 4, 2024, it can take 9 to 19 months for 90% of applications. It's important to realize that processing times vary depending on things like application volume, case complexity, and how quickly applicants provide information.


The journey to permanent residency after a subclass 820 visa is marked by anticipation and preparation. With the expertise of Rocket & Ash Immigration Law, couples can confidently navigate this process, ensuring that all requirements are fulfilled for a successful transition to permanent residency in Australia with professional assistance.

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